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In just three days, a storm system hovering over Chennai, India dumped one-fifth of the regions annual rainfall. News reports have focused attention on the flooded streets of Chennai, but rural districts outside the city suffered great loses due to flooding. In Kancheepuram district, just south of the Chennai, over 20,000 acres of farmland was lost, leaving small, marginal, and landless agricultural families without crops and homes.

The Second Chance Foundation, a small non-profit organization run by CUNY Professor Emerita and anthropologist Dr. Joan P. Mencher, is collaborating with Indian organization GUIDE to raise funds for medicines and emergency provisions for a community of indigenous people in Kancheepuram district. 150 families lost their homes, clothing, and all their food, and they are in desperate need of help.

Please donate by using the secure PayPal portal located at Second Chance Foundation’s website. All donations will go directly to the NGOs working with families affected by the flood. Any donations, no matter how small, are encouraged and greatly appreciated.

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**The Second Chance Foundation is a registered 501(c) 3 organization. Tax deductible receipts are available upon request.


For more information on the flooding in South India: