In 1960, CBS News produced a documentary film called “Harvest of Shame”. The film depicted the horrible working conditions of farm workers working all over the United States. It’s important to remember as many of us sit down for Thanksgiving Day meals, that the food on our tables is still produced in nearly the exact same way. Underpaid and overworked farm workers provide the food on our meals, but they can barely afford food for themselves. In addition, one-sixth of the people in the US today are undernourished and cannot afford to buy enough food. As our thankfulness often turns into a spirit of giving, we should recognize that small farmers, farm workers, and the working poor don’t want charity; they want to be paid adequately for the work that they do. They want wages that can feed their families and provide for their needs.

We’ll leave you with the film “Harvest of Shame” in the hope that you remember and think hard about the food on your table, the people who grow and harvest it, and the policies you choose to support: