Here are two interesting videos that can help us understand the significance that global investments have for people and governments around the world. The videos aired  in India  when the public was debating Foreign Direct Investment (FDI); the debate was sparked by a change in policy that allowed foreign corporations to own majority shares in Indian retail outlets. The stores that FDI will create are geared towards India’s middle-class, a class whose sheer size has captivated multinational corporations and investors since structural adjustment reforms opened the Indian economy in the 1990s. The remaining barriers to these types of economic changes in India are quickly being torn down, and removing these barriers will have drastic consequences for the poor, even as they make the rich richer.

Opening the retail sector to multinational corporations is one way that governments around the world are working to make the rich richer by caring less and less for the poor. These changes will put many small shop owners out of business as middle-class consumers reorient their shopping trips to big-box markets designed to keep out the poor and sell mostly foreign made products to the middle-class.